We have officially taken up Discord as a replacement for Teamspeak. You can join our server by clicking the link below. 

https://discord.gg/0h5jpPMIcTFGgWGg <-- you can use this link to join our server on the web interface, or copy it and paste it into the web or mobile app to add our servers there. 

Here is discords website for more information. https://discordapp.com/

See you on discord. 

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    • Post this in the cool and funny shit channel in discord Schutz  
    • players since the free weekend 
    • Since the past 2 or 3 updates I have had a fair few D3D errors. Where the game literally hangs I alt tab and the message is just there. I have had Nvidia related crashes before and although it was painful a complete uninstall of every type of driver - Display - Experience etc. Then reinstalled fresh and worked fine. 

      Was tedious though. If I left something that was install before it just kept presenting issues. 

      I second this below.  
    •  10/10 sir.... 10/10 haha!
    • Yes, Although, I can be on call frequently for work. I prefer Friday and Saturday. If this changes I will let you know. I am very flexible with a lot of the roles as well. I second the below quote from Dead Eye Kiwi. As much as having a full devoted ZSU squad I have seen our success go up dramatically when we have 8 of us split over 3 or 4 squads which assists with everyone keeping on task and filling in some experience gaps.